WWE News: WWE Debuting New Logo And New World Title Belt Around SummerSlam Time

WWE has made us wonder for quite some time about what will happen with the World Title belts, and they have also been running with the same logo since the early 2000s, which means WWE is due for an upgrade and it only makes sense to do it now. WWE is seemingly ready to make the move, which has been a long time coming and those changes are expected to take place soon.

WWE will be debuting a new logo around SummerSlam. The logo is currently being used for the WWE Network, so we have seen it before. However, after SummerSlam, WWE will be using it for all of the company’s material, licensees, etc. So this will be something we see in more than one place very, very soon. SummerSlam takes place from Los Angeles next month, and due to SummerSlam Access being cancelled, WWE may make a special announcement for it during the week on WWE.com.

WWE is also set to debut a new World Title around this time, which will include the new look logo. Most feel the company will keep the current design look for the WWE Championship, but it’s still up in the air. The WWE Title we currently see has only been around for a year, but it has slowly grown on fans. For some, however, it has not be liked since day one when The Rock debuted it.

WWE will also be using one World Title afterward. It is said that John Cena handing the World Heavyweight Title to Ric Flair was WWE’s way of quietly retiring the title, and giving it to the man who originally made it famous seemed like a good idea. Most fans assumed this was what WWE was doing, but it was not said to be well-liked. This means that due to one World Title being around, the championship name may once again be changed back to the WWE Championship.

While many fans do not like the idea of one World Title again and the lack of a brand split, it seems that this is the way the WWE is going right now. Now more than ever, WWE could use a brand split to create stars. However, they simply feel there is no use for it anymore. Thus, the need for only one World Title. If you’re going to sell that WWE is one brand again, one World Title does make the most sense.

WWE may end up debuting the new look World Title at SummerSlam itself or the week before. Meanwhile, the logo material may take place at the event so that the change will be announced and noticed going forward at a proper time. Who the World Champion will be come SummerSlam is up in the air, so whoever holds the new title will have history in their hands for sure.

[IMG Credit: Deviant Art-Timetravel6000v2]