WWE News: Why WWE Randomly Paired Summer Rae And Layla In The Middle Of Their Rivalry

WWE has been known to do things that seemed crazy, yet they ended up being good concepts in the end. WWE also has to worry about some competition, and due to that love of competition, the company wants to find ways to make areas better than some are said to be great with. With TNA, the Knockouts Division has been known to be better than the WWE’s Diva Division.

The reason for this is that TNA seems to find talented girls that are good in the ring prior to coming in. Some like Velvet Sky picked things up as things went on, meanwhile others like Gail Kim were good from the start. TNA had a female group called The Beautiful People for years. Their segments, for the longest time, were the company’s highest rated segments each week. When Angelina Love left, the group ended for a while. Recently, Love and Sky decided to put their group back together, which has been great for IMPACT ratings.

Meanwhile, in the WWE, there was an answer for TNA’s Beautiful People in the form of LayCool. The duo was terrific as a team and even held the Diva’s and Women’s Championship together. They really broke ground on what girls could do in this different time period before AJ Lee came in and tore the roof off the believed ceiling women had.

LayCool was made up of Michelle McCool and Layla, two great performers on their own. Together however, the Divas Division had no chance. They ripped through everyone. When the group ended, Layla was around but barely made much noise. Of course, TNA ended their Beautiful People run, so WWE felt no need in finding ways to keep another female group together when Michelle left.

Now that TBP is back together, WWE needs a new female group to rival them. This is why the WWE randomly paired Summer Rae and Layla together. There was talk of doing this with AJ Lee and Paige, which we have seen hints with for a bit. However, the WWE knows that Summer and Layla would be a long-lasting group where AJ and Paige would be great natural rivals for a long time.

This is also a way of building up the division. Having 4 legit contenders for the Diva’s Championship is better than none at all.

Summer’s star is growing, and the 30-year-old bombshell still has a lot left in the tank. She is on WWE’s Total Divas show along with starring alongside The Miz in the Marine 4. There is talk of her doing other WWE Films projects depending on her success in the Marine sequel. If the reviews of her are good, a solo movie or push for her to be used in other Hollywood projects could be done.

So Summer being on WWE TV for a while is a good thing. Layla being associated only helps her grow toward the end of her career. She is 37 if you can believe it, and WWE usually cuts women before now. Seemingly WWE has felt she was too good to cut and now they want to do more with her, While the two originally were planned to rival over Fandango, there was never a plan for Summer to go back to dancing with Fandango. Layla was seen as a replacement, but Fandango was set for a small character change which meant Summer could be her own star. With Layla, the two could be helpful to the company in order to rival anything TNA is doing.

It is basically a whatever TNA can do, WWE can do better sort of mindset. However, most feel this is just a big way to build up Summer. It’s really up in the air on how long they stay together. Most felt that due to how good LayCool was, if Michelle never left, the two would have stayed together for a very long time. That being said, if Summer and Layla work, don’t expect WWE to split them any time soon. If they keep dancing on tables like they recently did on RAW, why would you want to not see them together, right?

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