Sex Toys: You’ve Got The Questions, This Video Has The Answers

While most Americans struggled during the lengthy recession, there was one sector of the economy that actually took off — the sex toy industry. As the rest of the economy tanked, Americans spent more and more money on “Magic Wand Massagers” and other creatively named devices designed to, well, you know what they’re designed to do.

Why? Could be simply because as people have less money to go out and entertain themselves, they look for economical ways to keep their lives exciting behind the doors of their own homes. While a single sex toy might appear a tad pricey — a quality vibrator, for example, can run into the $150 range — the amount of entertainment it provides is not only unlimited, but convenient as well.

Everything you wanted to know about sex toys, but were afraid to ask, is contained in this short video from our good pals at BuzzFeed. Check it out. We think you’ll find it quite stimulating. And as bonus, it’s mostly SFW.

For example, which states do you think are the top sex toy buyers? It has to be those bastions of liberal decadence, California and New York? Right?

Wrong. South Dakota, Idaho, and West Virginia — three of the most conservative “Red States” in the nation — lead the way in sex toy purchases.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that. In the meantime, enjoy this educational little video.