Is that my fat you’re using in your car?

Seriously you can’t make this shit up but apparently some plastic surgeon in California has been using the leftovers from patient liposuctions to power his Ford Explorer and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator. Granted Craig Bittner has since shut down his practice and moved to South America but the good doctor has stated on his site; which has been taken down, that his patients were all for him doing what he did.

But here’s the even stranger part … well okay this is California we’re talking about so maybe it’s not so strange but the law that Dr. Bittner broke was the fact that you can’t use human medical waste to fuel cars in that state. Yup they actually have a law on the books against using human fat gotten by way of a medical procedure to power vehicles.

I wonder if that would apply to do-it-yourself liposuction kits?

[hat tip to Wired]