Have you ever wanted a totally steampunked loft? Got a cool $1.75M lying around? [Video]

Seeing as how I am this blog’s resident steampunk fan (some might have stronger words) I felt it was my duty to bring you the news that the most awesome loft is coming on the market in Manhattan; but this is no ordinary loft.

Back in 2006 filmmaker Jeremy Noritz bought the loft for $1.6 million and decided that since he was in the mood for a “little project” his new home was going to get a steampunk make over.

Now we’ve seen steampunked things before but this is the first time that I have seen a complete loft, from the front that is modeled after a submarine porthole to the bedroom that looks like it’s inside of a blimp the steampunk artistry is in full force.

I got to admit that as much as I aesthetically like the whole steampunk movement I don’t think I could live in this loft; but I sure can appreciate all the work that went into it.

Here’s a bunch of images of the loft

via DVICE and Geekosystem