Miley Cyrus Music, Merchandise Gets Destroyed During Baseball Game [Video]

Miley Cyrus definitely has her detractors, though some folks obviously hate the controversial pop star’s music more than others.

To prove that they truly despise Miley Cyrus and everything she’s recorded or created, baseball fans in Charleston, South Carolina put together a very unusual protest. Instead of simply ignoring Miley’s questionable contributions to society, the Charleston RiverDogs decided to blow everything up. Literally.

According to the Mirror, the baseball team put together an event entitled “Disco Demolition 2: You Better Belieb It.” As the title suggests, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber records and memorabilia were dramatically destroyed to theoretically make the world at better place. In fact, anyone who brought in Cyrus or Bieber-related material saw the price of admission drop to $1. For some, that was a serious bargain.

Billboard reports that “Disco Demolition 2” is essentially a sequel to something the Chicago White Sox put together back in 1979. Since everyone was getting pretty sick and tired of the disco scene at this point, the baseball team decided to blow up a pile of records associated with the genre. Check out some footage from the original event below.

Although this scenario might sound like a big joke, the stunt actually went down Saturday night (July 19). RiverDogs general manager Dave Echols seemed pretty proud of his decision to obliterate Miley Cyrus’ music in front of a large group of baseball fans.

Echols recently explained:

“Like so many, we have taken special exception to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’s music along with his numerous run-ins with the law and her controversial performances. ‘Disco Demolition 2’ is dedicated to the eradication of their dread musical disease, like the original Disco Demolition attempted to do. We are going to take Bieber and Cyrus’s merchandise and memorabilia, put it in a giant box, and blow it to smithereens. It is all in good fun, and we guarantee there won’t be a forfeit of a game.”

Check out footage of the explosion below.

Not surprisingly, some Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber fans aren’t too happy about the situation. One commenter firmly believes there are some musicians who deserve the hate more than Cyrus and Bieber.

“That team and their owners probably never heard a Justin Bieber album or been to any concert by him to know anything about him-just what gossip sites say. Miley, Justin and their fans should have nothing to do with them or support them ever. There are artists doing much worse, how come they don’t pick on them?”

What do you think about Miley Cyrus’ music and merchandise getting blown up during a baseball game? Is the singer just an easy target?

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