‘Pirate Black Beard’ Hugh Jackman Masters Archery While Frolicking In Europe With Wife Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman is certainly a multi-faceted actor. When he was set to play the Wolverine, Hugh learned extreme martial arts. For his upcoming role, Hugh is learning to be an expert swordsman. But it is a bit surprising to see the skilled actor learning the art of archery.

Hugh Jackman’s social media accounts were abuzz with the actor’s photos. However, instead of flexing his muscles, Hugh sported a perfect stance of an archer. Hugh posted a photo of himself learning how to score the perfect bulls-eye. He even captioned the photo, “Hey… you never know what’s lurking around the bend! #bullseye.”

The 45-year-old-actor has been readying himself to play the evil villain in the children’s epic Peter Pan. The actor will portray the pirate Black Beard, the notorious scourge of the seven seas who kidnaps children and has a special cage just for Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

Hugh Jackman Will Soon Appear As Pirate Black Beard, The Arch Nemesis Of Peter Pan

But it is still unknown if Hugh was honing his archery skills for the role. Nonetheless, the actor was spotted at numerous picturesque locations in UK while filming of the movie was underway. Hugh is known to make the most of his visits to foreign locations, and Europe was no exception. Traveling along with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh spent considerable time soaking in the sights of Italy and England, reported the Daily Mail.

Hugh Jackman is a social media regular and keeps his fans updated about his activities. Just last week he was enjoying a short visit to Italy with his wife and put regular updates on his Instagram account of their adventures. The bulky Australian even posted some comical photos of himself while posing next to some monuments and statues strewn around Italy.

Wearing typically Austrialian casual attire, Hugh Jackman even found time to visit the sickly-named Vomitorium, an ancient Roman theatre in Florence. While his wife was quite calm and composed, Hugh decided it was a perfect opportunity to go for a parkour-like jog.

Hugh Jackman Poses With His Wife For A Selfie While Riding A Bike

As is mandatory these days, Hugh Jackman convinced his wife to take a selfie during a morning ride alongside a river bank. With complete safety gear, Hugh was sporting huge sunglasses. Later, the Real Steel star even stood alongside a few white stone statues and joked, “So then I ran into to them/these.”

While Riding A Bike In Italy, Hugh Almost Ran Into These Statutes

Hugh Jackman decided to keep his fans firmly in the loop. He has so far sent numerous tweets and posted multiple Instagram photos of all his activities in London, including a trip to the iconic Portobello Road markets, a day out at Wimbledon, and taking in a Bruno Mars concert. Seems like Hugh Jackman wants to be merry, even while portraying the villainous Black Beard.

[Image Credit | Reuters Via Daily Mail, Instagram]