October 26, 2016
Jay Cutler Says Chicago Bears Coach Already Has Plans For Super Bowl XLIX

Even though the 2014 football season hasn't started yet, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says second-year coach Marc Trestman has already sent out a schedule for what will happen if the team makes it to Super Bowl XLIX, according to a report from Chicago Tribune. There are even plans for what will happen if the team wins the big game.

"Everything is planned out," Cutler said. "The parade is planned out; the bus rides are planned out. He's probably designing the rings by now."

The report states that Trestman had a similar layout last season. Cutler added that the team has become more understanding with the way the coach runs things.

"With all the guys around me and the rest of the coaches in place from the last year, there's definitely a comfort there," Cutler said. "I think not only with me but with the rest of the guys as well."

Jay Cutler said he is "ready to get started" on this upcoming season.

"I've been talking to the guys the last couple weeks, and I think everyone [is] kind of itching to get back into it and see what we have," Cutler added. "There's a lot of excitement and buzz, and there's a lot of work to do."

Jay Cutler Excited For New Season

In a related report from The Inquisitr, Jay Cutler will be playing for the Bears for the next seven years. Even though he has led the team to only one playoff game since his start in 2009, Bears general manager Phil Emery described Cutler as a "demonstrated winner."

At a press conference, Jay Cutler said that he was aware that critics would call the signing "the wrong move."

"That's fine," Cutler added. "The people in this building will stick together and keep going in the direction that is right."

During an interview with Chicago Tribune, Trestman said Jay Cutler has been "emotionally and selflessly invested" with the Bears "in ways he wouldn't talk about."

"But he really cares about this organization and every day he's a very, very observant person and he's a very proactive person in terms of inserting himself in all areas of this building to help this organization get better," he added.

The Bears coach mentioned that he has "great respect" for Jay Cutler's knowledge of football as well as his skillset.

"When we came in here, we knew he had the skillset," he added. "The issue was, 'Could we work together on a daily basis?' because we both love football and we want to help our football team. And the answer to that question was a clear yes."

As for the seven-year signing of Jay Cutler, Trestman explained that the decision made by Emery "set the tone to put our football team together."

"Our guys look around the meeting room and they know we have a lot of work to do," Trestman added. "And we're not looking too far ahead. But some of the players have said it. There's enough there on paper to say that we have a chance. We just have a lot of work to do."

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