Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Prove False Yet Again, 'Close Friend' Not So Close After All

It appears that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the victim of false pregnancy rumors yet again. However, that doesn't mean Kate isn't trying for another baby.

The current news out of the royal family is that Kate Middleton, wife to Prince William, is hoping to be pregnant by Christmas. This would dispel any myths that Kate is pregnant with her second child. Instead, the couple is simply trying to become pregnant before the holidays.

According to the Guardian, the "close friend" who broke the news to media outlets may not be so close. The royal palace was eventually forced to state that Middleton and the "close friend" Jessica Hay do not actually speak anymore. There would be no way for the school friend to be in-the-know, and right now the Duchess of Cambridge would only share the news with those who are close and she trusts. In fact, the spokeswoman for Kensington Palace went so far as to say:

"The duchess has not spoken to Jessica Hay for very many years. She is not in contact with her at all."

The rumors began swirling after Hays told media outlets Kate was expecting. However, many believe Hays -- since she does not speak to Kate Middleton any longer -- may have just heard through the grapevine that the couple were trying to get pregnant again and wanted to be the first to break the story.

Bookmakers who were taking bets on whether the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant really believe the rumors. In fact, they believed them so much they stopped taking bets as they felt they would end up paying out too much to winners. Fortunately for the bookmakers, it looks like the odds were in their favor. US Weekly reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton would like another baby soon so that the pair of siblings can be close in age. Sources close to the royals note:

"Will and Kate have siblings similar in age, and they want the same for George. They're ready!"

It isn't likely that the couple would announce the pregnancy before the end of the first trimester anyway. The only reason Kate and Prince William announced Prince George's pregnancy so early was due to Kate's unfortunate episodes of morning sickness that landed her in the hospital. Also with Prince George's first birthday just around the corner, July 22, the couple may wish to wait to announce any pregnancy until after the birthday to ensure Prince George has the big day all to himself.

Do you think the pregnancy rumors could still be true, or do you believe the official royal statement that Kate Middleton and Prince William are simply still trying to conceive? Are you hoping for some new royal baby news before Christmas?

[Image Source: US Weekly]