December 18, 2017
Bethenny Frankel Strikes Back At Instagram Scandal Backlash [Video]

Woah! Watch out! Bethenny Frankel is back at it on Instagram! After donning a photo of herself on Instagram wearing her 4-year-old daughter's pajamas with the caption, "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" the backlash became overwhelming. Hurtful and even hateful comments flooded the post on Instagram, per the NY Daily News.

Bethenny strikes back with yet a new photo of herself in which she is wearing an oversized sweatshirt, huge, baggy shorts, and men's bedroom slippers. There is no caption with this new photo, but the picture really says it all.

The Instagram photo scandal basically all stemmed from Bethenny's past struggle with her diet and weight, which she has openly shared. Frankel's silly photo started what seemed to be a war against bad parenting skills, accusing Frankel of causing harm to her daughter's well-being and image regarding health and her body. Wait -- what?

The picture is funny, yes. But there were thousands of comments that weren't so funny. Instagram user @larmac03 wrote, "YUK!! Eat a hoagie n keep it down!" Jazz Maica wrote, "That's crazy Bethenny eat some food!"

The Daily Mail also reports such comments as, "Really don't think you're sending your daughter a good message. She probably thinks, 'Wow, my mom's a lot older than me and can fit my clothes, so I must be really big for my age. (sic)." Really? Is this commenter giving a 4-year-old little girl a bit too much credit for such reasoning? It's possible Frankel's daughter probably just giggled and thought mommy was funny.

After over 312,000 people came to Bethenny Frankel's defense, Bethenny herself lashed back with not only comments like, "When ur 4-year-old peanut says, 'mommy, please put my dress on' & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told," per People. Along with this statement, "BREAKING NEWS! World Scandal: Former reality star, failed talk show host, & cocktail maven jokes by wearing her kid's pj's!"

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Bethenny Frankel decided to take a completely different approach with her latest Instagram sucker-punch photo. What do you think she was trying to say with this picture, without actually saying it?

Photo Credit: Instagram