Haunting Last Video Footage Taken On Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Uploaded to Instagram Just Before Crash

A video uploaded to Instagram is reportedly the last known video footage of fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

According to Instagram and Youtube footage, this video is the last glimpse of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. It was reportedly captured by Malaysian passenger Md Ali Md Salim moments before departure. The 14-second video, which was uploaded on his Instagram account, showed other passengers stowing their luggage in the overhead compartment.

In the caption of the Instagram video, the 30-year-old seemed to have expressed his jitters flying home.

"Bismillah... #hatiadasikitgentar (In the name of God... feeling a little bit nervous)"

An announcement, believed to be the voice of the pilot, could be heard in the background.

"At the moment, we are on the final stages of boarding and cargo loading. Once again, please ensure all your phones are off for the flight to..."

Md Ali, a psychology PhD student at Erasmus University Rotterdam, was reported to be heading home to celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya in Muar, Johor. Malaysia Airlines, in a statement, confirmed that there were a total of 298 passengers and 15 crew members on board.

The image was uploaded to twitter by one of Salim's friends, as Salim's Instagram account is set to private:

The New York Post and other media outlets have reported that family members have confirmed that Salim was on the fated Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight leading media to believe the video is in fact real.

Salim's brother, Md Zaki Md Salim, told the New York Post:

"My brother was very excited to be back for Raya with the family and should have arrived today."

Salim's friend Mohn Zaem Nordin, 24, is the one who originally shared the clip on his own personally Instagram account.

"When I saw the video which had been uploaded about 15 hours earlier, I was shocked and did not think he would be on the plane. We first met when he was working as a fellow in UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur branch and he was friendly and easy to get along with."