Big Boobs = Big Problems When Summer Rolls Around — This Video Explains It All

Summer is well underway, but while this is the season for fun in the sun, not everyone is having a blast. Women will understand what this video is talking about. Particularly women who are, shall we say, well-endowed.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with any body type or size, and no woman — or person — should ever feel awkward or embarrassed by the gifts nature has granted. But women with busty figures experience certain issues that no one outside of that exclusive club can relate to.

Whether it’s envy from other women or the unwelcome stares from random dudes, those are just the beginning of the problems.

Check this video from our good pals at BuzzFeed. You may relate to the problems illustrated in this two-minute clip. And if you don’t, consider the video a public service announcement.

Now go outside and don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the summer!