Tax-Free School Shopping Now Underway In Connecticut, Other States Offer Similar Programs

Back to school shoppers in Connecticut this week can save 6.35% on their overall shopping bill if they shop between today (August 21) and Saturday (August 27).

That 6.35% rate is the amount shoppers in the state usually pay for state taxes and which is halted on school supplies for an entire week, allowing parents to save money on what can oftentimes be expensive items.

Connecticut Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan says of the tax breaks:

“This is a great opportunity for back-to-school shoppers,” while adding, “We expect it to be a big hit this year. It’s also a good way to help Connecticut’s retailers attract customers and put more money back into the state economy.”

Taxes can be skipped until Aug. 27 and there are no limits on the amount of money that can be spent, although no single item can be worth more than $300.

Connecticut isn’t the only state with tax-free holiday’s for back to school shoppers, more than two dozen states offer the same type of incentive to parents including New York State which offers tax-free shopping next week.

It’s just too bad that big screen TVs and Macbook Pro’s aren’t under $300 or at least considered part of everyday back-to-school supply purchases.

In some states such as Texas the tax break week for school supplies cost the state upwards of $70 million, a small price to pay for securing the education of our future generations.

Have you taken advantage of the tax-free school supply specials in your own state? If so, How much did you save?