Prince George At 18: See Photo, Plus, Who His Professional Look-Alike Is

Have you envisioned what Prince George will look like at the age of 18? A photo expert has. She predicted what the third in line to the British throne will look like in 17 more years.

Hungarian graphic designer and illustrator, Nikolett Meresz, worked up an image of the almost 1-year-old prince, and the result appears here:

Prince George at the age of 18, as predicted by graphic designer, Nikolett Meresz.

The Sun published the image and wrote that Meresz used scientific methods in figuring out how Prince George will one day look like this. Clearly, the young royal already has good looks, hardly a surprise since his parents are Prince William and Duchess Kate.

In other news on this month’s birthday boy, 11-month-old Freddie Minnis from Essex won a national competition to become the first professional Prince George look-alike. Daily Mail reports that he was born four days before the prince, and has modeled for a Crown Collection that was launched for Prince George’s birthday, July 22.

Freddie’s mother, Carly Minnis, entered her son in the competition after friends told her what an uncanny resemblance he has with Prince George. He even has similar characteristics, such as being happy, laid back, loving the outdoors, and enjoying pets. He plays with Minnie the same way the prince plays with Lupo.

Freddie’s mother says:

“I always dress Freddie in traditional-looking clothes when we’re going out and adore some of the European baby clothes designers, just like Kate.

“Freddie being selected as a Prince George lookalike seems almost natural. There are so many similarities between my family and the Royals that is seems fitting. All we need now is for Kate and William to have a daughter – Freddie would make a great real-life Prince.”

Freddie's mother, Carly Minnis, holding him. (Photo Courtesy of Carly Minnis via Daily Mail).

Prince George is getting massive press coverage this month since his first birthday is next week. He just landed a People magazine cover and is also on the cover of Vanity Fair. Several British publications are running cover stories and special features surrounding the prince’s first year. He’s already been to Australia and New Zealand on his first royal tour abroad with his parents, and is reaching milestones in his growth before the world.

What do you think of the photo prediction of how Prince George will look at age 18? Do you think his doppelganger, Freddie Minnis, is an ideal look-alike of England’s future king? This prince is sure to have many professional look-alikes in his lifetime.

[Image via EOnline]