Ohio Woman Clings To Life After Deadly Teen Prank

An Ohio schoolteacher was admitted into a Pennsylvania hospital Tuesday after two teenagers deliberately dropped an eight-pound boulder from a central Pennsylvania highway overpass onto her vehicle.

Sharon Budd, 52, of Uniontown, Ohio, was traveling with family and friends on a road trip to New York City, when she was struck in the face after a “soccer ball sized” rock came hurdling at her vehicle on a dark, Pennsylvania highway.

According to medical reports, Sharon Budd lost an eye and had to undergo surgery on her brain to reduce the pressure from swelling.

The rock’s impact made it feel as though the car “exploded,” her husband, Randy Budd told ABC News.

“My daughter, who was driving, starts screaming…she said, ‘Dad what’s going on?’”

Investigators say a rock, about 8 inches thick, crashed through the windshield and struck Mrs. Budd in the head.

It was the most gruesome thing that you could ever imagine,” Randy Budd told The Repository newspaper.

Investigators believe it was a group of teenagers, playing a prank from the overpass, who caused the gruesome scene on the highway, Tuesday.

Two brothers, brothers Brett Lahr, 18, and Dylan Lahr, 17, of New Columbia, face felony counts of aggravated assault and related charges for their involvement in dropping the large rock from a bridge over Interstate 80 late on July 10, according to Philly.com.

While responding to the scene, Pennsylvania state troopers indicated to reporters that they noticed a car slowly drive by the scene twice. The license plate led police to visit the Lahrs’ home, where they learned the brothers and two juveniles had used the car that night, the affidavit said.

During questioning by state troopers, one of the brothers said he and Dylan Lahr had thrown rocks onto the highway. Dylan also gave a similar account, according to the affidavit.

Additional charges could be filed against the other two teens that were with the Lahrs at the time of the incident.

Lucas Budd, Sharon Budd’s son who was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan for a year long deployment, said to ABC News, speaking on his mother’s condition, “She squeezed my hand a couple of days ago, so she’s responding. So it’s hopeful”

Since the release of this story, both brothers, Brett and Dylan Lahr have been released on bail.

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