Stacy Keibler Delivering Baby Daughter Soon, Keeps Name Secret

A proud and pregnant Stacy Keibler's baby delivery is due soon in August, but the actress and former professional wrestler, known by her handle, Super Stacy, has one thing to say about her baby's name: she ain't saying. Simply put, it's a secret and only she and new husband Jared Pobre know their daughter's name, according to a People report.

For a woman known for giving lip during her SmackDown! days and churning away at sharing tips with mommies-to-be about having a healthy pregnancy, she's keeping her baby's name a secret.

Although Stacy is mum over the name of her first child, she says the secret to looking good and feeling great while pregnant is sticking to a strict organic diet. Like her -- and many others -- that means avoiding food cravings, according to WebPro News.

"Everything I eat or put on my skin is organic. I only use organic products. Everything I put on my skin, basically I can eat," she said in a recent interview.

Not everyone is over the moon about Stacy Keibler's pregnancy and baby tips. Recently, the Inquisitr reported a backlash from the public who have grown tired of the WWE Diva's advice and admonishment to expectant women.

Monday, @Brydie, an online magazine "devoted to all things beauty," shared this about Stacy on Twitter:It appears many are underwhelmed about Stacy's organic pitch, and have grown tired of being lectured. Some current -- and former -- fans say Stacy is among the fortunate few who can afford natural foods during pregnancy, while others are in a minority.

Keibler's baby's name is a mystery, but the bubbly mommy-to-be has no regrets over pregnancy. Moreover, she has no hangups about doing the right thing to keep both she and baby healthy.

The new bride appears to be very happy about her current situation on being a newlywed and soon-to-be mother. Stacy and Jared exchanged nuptials in March, and announced they were expecting a baby together shortly thereafter. Prior to meeting her future husband, Stacy Keibler was romantically involved with actor George Clooney.

The actress is due to deliver her baby daughter in August. Stay tuned for more on this developing story. Perhaps, by then, the couple's "secret" won't be a secret at all.

[Image via: CDN/Wrestling Edge]