Titus Young Arrested Again: Former NFL Receiver Faces New Battery Charges

Titus Young was arrested once again earlier this month, and the former Detroit Lions receiver has pleaded not guilty. Young is facing five new charges after the July 9 arrest regarding alleged incidents that are said to have taken place at a Los Angeles medical treatment facility.

ESPN shares that Titus Young's arrest led to four counts of battery on hospital, park or school property, and one count of battery with serious bodily injury. That is a felony count, and the four others are misdemeanors. His next court appearance is slated to take place on July 24 and bail was set at $105,000.

If convicted on all of the new counts, Young could face up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $2,000 on each of the misdemeanor counts. A conviction on the felony could bring a sentence of up to four years in jail. This arrest is just the latest in a string of incidents involving the former Detroit Lions player.

Titus Young was arrested twice on May 5, 2013. One arrest was for driving under the influence, and the second was for attempting to remove his car from the towing yard. Those arrests were in Riverside County. Another incident of an alleged burglary spurred seven misdemeanor and four felony charges in Orange County in 2013. Young's father says that his son has mental health issues, and it seems Titus has been in and out of facilities a number of times.

TMZ reports that Titus Young's arrest this month came after a call regarding a battery incident on July 8. Young allegedly punched a man in the face and knocked him out. At this point, Young now faces a total of 16 criminal charges in two different California counties, notes USA Today. Titus' father, Richard Young, says that the family is struggling to get him help, and that right now he is "sort of uncontrollable."

The former NFL star's father has not detailed exactly what the mental health issues are, but he says the issues came about after a concussion. He adds that Young has been hospitalized multiple times, but he keeps getting released. "We don't know what we're going to do right now," he was quoted as saying. The various incidents spurring the recent charges are said to involve five different victims and took place over a time span from May 28 to July 8.

Will the latest arrest this month be the one that sparks the opportunity for this former football player to make changes and get things under control? While there is a lot of criticism for Young regarding the incidents over the past year or so, others are indeed worried about his mental health. Many are hoping that this latest Titus Young arrest can give the family the opportunity they need to sort through what is really driving this violent behavior.

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