Man Robs Bank Where Girlfriend Works In Order To Buy Her Engagement Ring

A thief from Detroit who wanted to raise cash so he could buy his girlfriend an engagement ring reportedly robbed the bank where she worked. But instead of taking the gesture as romantic, she turned her boyfriend in to the police.

22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri chose Valentines Day to be the day when he attempted to rob the bank, probably thinking it was the most romantic day of the year to do the robbery. While his girlfriend worked inside the bank, Fakhouri and an accomplice held up the female employee who was restocking the ATM with cash in an armed robbery. He split the $26,000 he stole with his accomplice.

Fakhouri’s girlfriend watched in horror from inside the bank as her boyfriend held up her colleague at gun point, alerting the police of the heist as it was happening, even though she didn’t know it was Fakhouri who was holding the gun at the time.

It was reported that Fakhouri even comforted his girlfriend some hours after the incident while she had no idea he had a hand in the robbery at her workplace.

Before sentencing, the court heard that Fakhouri had spoken to his girlfriend on the phone last February and put her on loud speaker so his accomplice could hear details of how and when the ATM was restocked. The suspects used pellet guns, which looked just like real guns, to carry out the robbery.

The pair drove from their homes in Detroit through the night in a 2008 Ford Mustang, and even picked up a $120 speeding fine on the way. They waited outside the bank for it to open, and even watched his girlfriend enter the premises for her shift.

At 8:30 am, the men donned masks and held the bank up with their replica guns outside the drive-up ATM. The men then fled in the car while Fakhouri’s girlfriend texted him to inform him about what she had just seen.

Fakhouri was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for the robbery, and it doesn’t look like he will be getting married to his girlfriend any time soon.