New York Man Gets Back High School Class Ring 40 Years After It Disappeared!

A New York resident might just be the happiest man on the planet after he got back a piece of important memorabilia from his school days, a precious high school class ring – some 40 years after it was stolen, reports Yahoo.

Stan Ostapiak, who is 69-years-old now, had graduated from the Seward Park High School in Manhattan back in 1962. It was in this year that he received a precious high school class ring which he kept with him until his marriage, a decade later. On the day of his wedding reception, the ring was with his wife and was kept in her purse. However, the purse was stolen from the venue on the same day – with the ring inside it. For the next 40 odd years, Stan did not see the ring, and had thought it was long lost. Imagine his surprise when someone mailed him his precious ring and he saw it again after four decades!

Stan was even more surprised after he figured out where the ring had come from. It was mailed to him by a young man from the Greek island of Naxos. Apparently, the man had found the ring when he was scourging through the belongings of his late father. Upon closer inspection, the man found the name of the now defunct Seward Park High School engraved inside the ring. Curious, he decided to do a bit of research to figure the history of the ring and took to the Internet. Eventually, the young man, who has been identified as Vasilis Polykretis, managed to contact the head of the school’s Alumni association. With his help, the man was able to figure out who the actual owner of the ring was and homed in on Stan. The ring was mailed to Stan Ostapiak after the young man got his address.

The young man also added a post card with the ring which read;

“I hope this ring brings you joy and happiness, and maybe some old memories”

Stan, who is now a retired police officer, says that the ring doesn’t fit him anymore. He added that his wife of 40 years would be more than happy to get the ring back – once lost from her purse.

The news of the amazing recovery of this ring comes just a few days after The Inquisitr had reported about a dog coughing up a wedding ring lost six years ago!

[Image Via AP Photo/ Vincent Barone ]