June 29, 2017
Hamas Attacks Israel During Cease-Fire With Rockets, Benjamin Netanyahu Resumes Operation Protective Edge

The conflict between Israel and the Hamas militants seem to have a long, varied history which can be considered Biblical. Ever since Operation Protective Edge was established last week, Israel has shown its military defense in the wake of terrorism as they took out over either terrorist targets in less than thirty minutes, followed by a reinforcement of over 30,000 soldiers at the Gaza border in which they entered in to seize missile sites. The show of military strength in defending one's people got the attention of the United States and the U.N. as they called for a cease-fire.

Fortunately for the U.N., that cease-fire was agreed upon, but Israel promised that if they were attacked, they were resumed. Guess what? The Hamas continued to attack Israel during the cease-fire ergo Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resumed Operation Protective Edge.

According to an article by CNN, the cease-fire never really existed because Israeli officials stated that the missile attacks from Gaza never ceased despite an agreement on a cease-fire. Maybe the reason for the cease-fire to the Hamas was a ploy. While Israel is thinking the momentary peace is agreed upon, strike them while their guard is down. In short, if this is the case, the Hamas had no plans to honor the Hamas in the first place. Despite this, Israel honored the cease-fire for six hours even though they were getting bombarded with missiles. However, after six hours of taking the assault, defensive measures were once again initiated.

The CNN crew on location even watched as five Israeli strikes were set into motion as a result of what would happen if the Hamas rejected the cease-fire when Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu stated:

"We will not stop until we have rid Israel of these threats. Israel will have the international legitimacy to broaden the military offensive."
However, Bloomberg reports that the Hamas was not consulted on the Egyptian plan's for cease-fire thus rejecting the plan in the first place. Because of this, the first fatality on the Israeli side has been verified, a man who was killed on Monday after being hit with a mortar shell. Israeli Rescue Services said that the man was a volunteer delivering food to soldiers at the Erez border.

A total of 140 missiles were fired from Palestine since the cease-fire. The estimated time is said to be one every six minutes. Because of this, Benjamin Netanyahu had this to say personally about the Hamas's rejection of a cease-fire:

"Hamas have decided to continue, and will pay the price for that decision."
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