Ann Savage, Actress: Video and Pictures

Ann Savage, an actress made famous in the 40s, died over the holiday weekend. Savage suffered complications from a series of strokes, her manager tells the Los Angeles Times, and passed away in her sleep at a nursing home on Christmas Day. She was 87 years old.

Ann Savage: The Actress

Ann Savage made her name starring as the “femme fatale” character in numerous films from the 1940s and into the mid-50s. Her first part was in 1943’s “One Dangerous Night.” Savage went on to make dozens of other westerns, war movies, and even musicals.

Savage’s most famous role was likely as the antagonist in 1945’s “Detour.” She was also known for parts in such works as “Saddles and Sagebrush,” “Satan’s Cradle,” “Renegade Girl,” “Dancing in Manhattan,” “Ever Since Venus,” “Passport to Suez,” and “Two-Man Submarine.”

Ann Savage disappeared from the spotlight after the 50s, but she resurfaced in 2007 with a part in the Canadian film “My Winnipeg.”

Ann Savage Pictures

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Ann Savage Video

This clip shows Ann Savage in “Scared Stiff.”

This clip shows scenes from Ann Savage’s recent work, 2007’s “My Winnipeg.”