‘Real Housewives’ Star Puts Foot Down, Warns Network She’ll Quit If Family Life Unravels

A new Real Housewives star knows exactly what she’s getting herself into, and that’s why she’s making it crystal clear that the drama go no further than among her fellow cast members!

Lisa Rinna just signed on with the season 5 cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The actress-turned-reality TV star understands how these programs work, and the negative drama it can often bring beyond feuds with costars.

An insider spoke with RadarOnline, revealing Lisa’s ultimatum if her marriage to Harry Hamlin is scrutinized — or if her children are negatively affected. Lisa and Harry are looking out for the probable storms that lie ahead, as they do for all Housewives stars. The source says:

“Their specific concerns are that her marriage to Harry [Hamlin] could face unnecessary scrutiny and criticism. The couple have two teenage daughters that are lovely young ladies, why subject them to the insanity of the housewives franchise?”

The source explains that Rinna has made her threats understood, saying:

“There have been assurances made by Lisa that she will quit the show immediately if it’s having a negative impact on her family.”

Lisa signed up with RHOBH because it’s a stepping stone to the next thing. The insider shares:

“This is what she felt she had to do in order to jump-start her brand and career.”

Lisa Rinna has appeared on several reality TV shows. They include Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and her own show with Hamlin called Harry Loves Lisa. Lisa was cast for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after she made a trial run on camera at Kyle Richards’ White Party that was held in late June.

What kind of drama will Lisa see herself in on RHOBH? As reported by Today, last year Rinna was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, saying that she and Brandi Glanville would “probably get into it.” Kim Richards was on the show with Rinna when she opened up about her feelings regarding Brandi. As Kim listened, Lisa went on to say this about Glanville:

“She’s the one that when I watch (RHOBH), little hairs on my neck go up.”

Brandi is a polarizing figure, and she’s always at odds with more than one of the women due to her harsh honesty peppered with profanity.

Will Lisa be able to maintain a good balance between a healthy family life and being part of the cast on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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