Woman Drives Into Pool: Ohio Woman ‘Crashes’ Party, Drives Into Pool With Jeep

An Ohio woman drove into a pool over the weekend. The Jeep sped across a parking lot and through a fence only to wind up submerged in someone’s in-ground swimming pool during a pool party. According to Yahoo! News, Cheryl Chapman, 46, was charged with operating a vehicle impaired and reckless operation. It is unknown if she was drunk, on drugs, or suffering from something else that would make her “impaired.” She reportedly kept saying that her “brakes” were “bad.”

The pool was occupied by at least one guest at a 15-people pool party at the time of the accident. The guest, Christopher Sanford, said that he just dove into the pool before the car showed up. When he surfaced, he was quite shocked to see an SUV barely floating next to him. Thankfully, he was able to rescue the driver quickly, and no one was injured.

The woman drove into the pool within seconds of Sanford’s entrance according to The Orlando Sentinel. He explained:

“Literally when I hit the water that’s when the jeep came through. So, if I would have waited two more seconds, I would have been struck in midair. [The woman] had her safety belt on. I pulled her out of the vehicle. She went under a couple of times because I couldn’t get her safety belt off and the door was locked. I successfully got her out of the car though.”

Needless to say, this was a frightening ordeal for all involved. No one at the party realized what happened; all they heard was a loud noise and everything happened so quickly.

Still in shock, homeowner Nancy Wilson said:

“We looked toward the fence, we heard an explosion. I thought it was a bomb. That’s what everyone thought, it’s just a bomb.”

The woman who drove into the pool may have been very fortunate that things ended the way they did — even if her Jeep was totally water-logged. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the swimming pool might have saved people’s lives. If the pool was not there, who knows what the Jeep would have hit or where it would have ended up. Wilson is thankful for that anyway.

“If the swimming pool was not here, who knows what would have happened. The pool probably saved her life and all my friends.”

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