WWE News: Update On Bray Wyatt’s Eye Injury, Concern For Him Backstage?

Most found out that WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt was busted open over the weekend by Ric Flair. Which is something of a role reversal, as Flair is the one that usually bleeds like a stuffed pig at a luau. The story goes that Flair got involved during a match and punched Bray, but he connected with him on accident. Usually this is not a big deal for a wrestler as getting accidentally punched in the face is common, however what is not common is getting punched in the eye while someone has jewelry on.

Flair was wearing one of his Hall of Fame rings and connected hard to the eye of Wyatt, causing him to bust open the hard way. He was covered in blood at the end of the match and was treated afterward. Reports from people at RAW on Monday was that Wyatt walked in looking very rough with a black eye, although he was of course sealed up to not bleed. WWE make-up artists did their best to cover things up.

It was said that it was like “night and day” the way he looked coming into the arena and how he looked on RAW last night. The issue was that you could still tell there was a black eye. It’s said that without the make-up, it would have looked worse. There was concern over the eye, so WWE kept Wyatt out of the ring mostly, and he only appeared to attack Chris Jericho, helping to add more to their story leading into WWE Battleground this Sunday.

The idea is that Wyatt’s eye should heal by Sunday. This is not the first time someone had an injury in the WWE. In fact, WWE has made it a big deal to make sure action looks more realistic, so guys are getting closer to the face and several injuries have happened this year alone. Thus, we have seen more and more injuries to the face lately. It seems like the trend may continue, however that will not be so if WWE goes back to the old formula.

Either way, accidents happen, and Flair surely did not mean to hurt Bray.

WWE will make sure Bray gets medication on his eye and will undoubtedly try to have it better by Sunday. WWE management may keep him out of action until Battleground, but it’s all depending on how he heals up this week. Bray can easily work tag matches. Wyatt has also been known to wear face-masks in the past, so it would not be surprising if he did that this week and maybe on Sunday.

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