Marvel's 'Thor' Is Changing: Comic Book Fans, Expect To Be Outraged

Marvel's Thor is about to become the subject of one of the most radical changes in comic book history since the death and rebirth of Superman. The "god of thunder" is one of their oldest characters, and one of many based on ancient mythology. According to its Norse roots, Thor has always been a man.

Now, Marvel is turning Thor into a woman. The announcement was made this morning on The View, and confirmed for the press.

Just when you thought the fanboys weren't outraged enough that the latest films based on superheroes never followed canon enough, now the comic books themselves are reinventing a classic.

It's always a shock followed by outrage when Marvel changes its story for films and such, especially when a character is changed for the big screen. In the Ben Affleck film Daredevil, Kingpin was portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan despite having always been a Caucasian villain. Until Samuel L. Jackson was cast as Nick Fury, the character once again had always been white. Jamie Foxx was cast as a previously white villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Even Tim Burton's attempt at Batman made Harvey Dent a black man, a fact ignored when Joel Schumacher took over.

Now one of Marvel's oldest characters is getting a sex change in the comics themselves, and the fans are very likely to write up an angrily worded petition to stop it. The films have already successfully cast Chris Hemsworth as the "god of thunder," and will probably continue to do so. Otherwise, things could get awkward for the Avengers cast in the near future.

Could this change indeed make its way into the films? If Thor ends up a woman in future Avengers films, who would replace Chris Hemsworth, and how would they handle the Jane Foster storyline?Of course the question that might be more prominent in the minds of comic book purists is why Marvel decided to make a female Thor. Could it be part of a new era of aiming for more diversity in the entertainment industry? How will they strike a balance between this new change and attempting to please the long-time fans?

It seems Marvel is explaining the change by stating that the original Thor is no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir, and as such the hammer has been given to a woman, who inherits not only his powers, but also his name. The inscription on the hammer itself is due for an update as well, according to the press release.

How do you feel about this new change coming to Marvel's Thor?

[image via comicbookmovie]