Newspaper Reporters On 2014 Endangered Jobs List

The days of newspaper reporters outnumbering other types of journalists — i.e. television, radio, and online — could soon be a thing of the past if industry trends hold true, according to one study.

A report posted to, listing the 10 most endangered jobs in the United States, included newspaper reporter as one of the top ten.

One of the primary reasons, the site said, is due to what you are literally doing right now — getting your news from the Internet. More from on the endangered job of a newspaper reporter:

“Consumers are not simply eschewing reading the news, but rather are consuming their information online and not in print.

“Want to catch up on the latest news? Power on your smart phone or tablet and get the latest happenings from around the globe in one place. Want to read a book? Download any one of thousands of titles instantly.”

The site said newspaper reporters are not the only endangered jobs due to the decline of the printed word:

“The logging industry is feeling the impact of the move from print to digital. Says Eric Johnson, publisher of Northern Logger, dramatically lower demand for paper means much less demand for wood pulp that lumberjacks help provide. The result is a 9% decline in logging industry employment.”

Technology has completely changed workforce needs not only in the United States, but around the world. The Wall Street Journal reported that, along with newspaper reporters, other endangered jobs included mail carriers and meter readers.

“Other professions are at risk because advances in technology have eroded demand for each particular service.

“For instance, gas and electric companies have switched to electronic meter readers that instantly monitor usages, cutting into the need for human meter readers. Plus, ‘tax audits are automated, reducing the need for tax examiners’ says Mr. Lee.”

Take it from me, the life of a newspaper reporter is not easy. It is grueling work for very little pay or appreciation. And while the newspaper reporter job is becoming increasingly endangered, simply doing the job can sometimes be a hassle, too. Take for instance the reporter in Utah who was banned from entering a courtroom simply because her bare arms were exposed. Her editor’s article on her treatment by the local court got national attention for the reporter, who had only been on the job for a few weeks when the incident took place.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]