Jeff Bauman: Boston Marathon Double Amputee Survivor Announces Birth Of Baby Girl

Jeff Bauman, a man who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon bombing, is now the father of a baby girl. Bauman was the center of media attention when the image of him being whisked away in a wheelchair with both legs blown off was the center of controversy. Some felt the image should not have been portrayed in the media due to the gruesome nature, but others felt it needed to be seen to show the harsh reality of what happened.

Bauman is also a hero and a survivor. After his terrifying ordeal, he later described for police one of the two brothers accused of planting two pressure-cooker bombs near the marathon finish line, according to The Washington Post.

Regardless of the horrific nature of the incident, Bauman survived and is a living testament to the resilient nature of those who were present that day. Bauman has authored a book entitled, Stronger, in which he recounts the Boston Marathon bombing from a victim’s point of view.

He speaks about overcoming the obstacles he has faced since losing his legs, but remains stronger than ever before:

“I saw the bomber. He took my legs, but he didn’t break me. He only made me stronger.”

Stronger Bauman has remained, and he celebrated the birth of a new baby daughter yesterday. On the Facebook page dedicated to Bauman- Jeff Bauman — Boston Strong, True Patriot and Hero– the birth of a new baby girl was announced this morning.

A beautiful photo of the family was posted along with the caption:

“Jeff and Erin are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Nora Gail Bauman, born 7/13/14. Everyone is happy and healthy!”

Jeff and his fiance have a strong bond since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Erin Hurley was Jeff’s girlfriend at the time of the incident. Jeff was actually waiting at the finish line at the time of the blast for Hurley to cross. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to cross that line that day. However, the two remained strong and doctors were able to save Jeff’s life. They had to amputate both legs, but Bauman has been fitted with two prosthetic legs.

The couple became engaged and soon announced they were expecting their first baby together. With the birth of Nora Gail Bauman, Jeff and Erin will continue to heal from the tragic ordeal that brought them even closer together.

You can follow the Bauman support page for information on Jeff’s book, charity runs and more information on this American hero.

Congratulations to Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurly on the birth of their precious baby girl. May their family grow in happiness and may all their dreams come true.