SUV Ends Up At The Bottom Of Ohio Swimming Pool Following Pool Party Mishap

A woman driver from Lakewood, Ohio was charged with OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated) after her SUV crashed into the backyard of a home and ended up in a swimming pool. The incident happened at the home of Nancy and Trent Wilson, residents of Lake Avenue, Lakewood, reports Yahoo.

What was even more remarkable about the incident was the fact that at the time of the incident, there was a pool party underway by the swimming pool. In fact, three people were inside the pool at the time the SUV jumped into it!

According to Chris Sanford, who had just dove into the swimming pool seconds before the incident, he first heard a loud noise, similar to an explosion. He then saw an SUV crashing through the fence and coming right at them. With no signs of stopping, the SUV eventually fell into the swimming pool and was completely submerged underwater within a few seconds. Chris added that he had just dove into the pool, seconds before the SUV came crashing in. In fact, had he been a few seconds late, the SUV would have hit him while he was in midair!

SUV in swimming pool

Chris, who would have been a victim only a few seconds ago, now became a rescuer. He dived underneath the swimming pool to help the driver get out of the car. He added that the woman had her seatbelt on and since the door was locked, he couldn’t easily get to her initially. He did eventually manage to rescue her.

NewsNet5 reports that other people at the party initially thought a bomb had went off in the neighborhood. According to Nancy Wilson, the owner of the home,

“We looked towards the fence, we heard an explosion. I thought it was bomb. That’s what everyone thought, it’s just a bomb.”

The rescued woman was later identified as 46-year-old Cheryl Chapman, also a resident of Lakewood. According to Lakewood police, the woman lost control of the SUV which raced down a driveway on Lake Avenue, crashed through the Wilsons’ fence and landed in the swimming pool. Officials estimate that the car should have been travelling at at least 30 to 40 miles an hour in order to land up where it eventually did. Chapman initially claimed that the brakes of her SUV had malfunctioned. This claim is being investigated.

Meanwhile the Wilsons are still recovering from the shock of what happened at their pool party. According to Nancy, this was the first time this year that they opened the swimming pool for a party. There were 15 of their friends by the pool when the SUV crashed in to it. Trent Wilson adds;

“If the swimming pool was not here, who knows what would have happened. The pool probably saved her life and all my friends.”

[Images Via NewsNet5]