Japanese Man Turns Shower Into Replica Of His Vomiting Girlfriend

People do weird things in the shower. Some people blow their nose into their hands, some pee down the drain, and others use the shower head in ways that it was never meant to be used. Kiyuu Oikawa is one of those that uses the shower head in strange ways.

The 19-year-old Japanese man took the internet by storm, quickly hitting the number 1 spot on China's social media; a huge accomplishment for a country that has over 1.4 billion people. Kiyuu Oikawa posted step-by-step images of himself creating a doppelganger of his girlfriend that he could hang in the shower. Once assembled and attached to the shower head, the strange doll hangs eerily above Kiyuu, looking down upon his naked body. When the water is turned on, water spews from her mouth and nose, mimicking clear vomit that only the exorcist could appreciate fully.

Despite the ongoing emotional conflict between China and Japan, the views spilled into the Sino Weibo Social Networking site. Many of the comments on the post were critical in nature, probably similar to what American's would say as well. On of the commenters wrote:

"I won't be with my usual horror movie today, check this out instead."
Another stated:
"All he needs is to do is add red dye to the water coming out of her mouth to complete the effect."
Japan is known for its weird commercials and other oddities, so it might not come to anyone's surprise that Kiyuu Oikawa came up with such an outlandish idea. Just take a look at the following television commercials from Japan and you will see what might be a smidgen of influence to the shower girlfriend doppelganger idea.

To get a broader picture of Japan's weirdness, you can visit the web site, Japanisweird.com to see all of the strangeness that comes form the island country. Despite the oddities, Japan is a fantastic place full of creativity and wonders. Matt Alt, with CNN Travel, feels that Japan may not be as weird as the western world might think it is.

"The more you understand this stuff, the less far-fetched most of it seems. Take it from someone who knows -- if being weird is wrong, I don't want to be right!"
He goes on to offer this tidbit advice about Japan's weirdness:
"And consider this. While may be fun to point fingers at the often strange world of Japanese pornography from the safety of abroad, one has to ask: Who's really weirder -- those who satisfy their urges, or those too embarrassed to embrace their inner freaks?"
Although many westerners may not be brave enough to embrace our inner freaks via the creation of a doll that we hang in the shower, especially a replica of a girlfriend, embracing the inner freak may not necessarily be a bad thing.