Here’s seven minutes of Uncharted 3 footage from Gamescom

If you weren’t able to catch the rather lengthy Uncharted 3 demo shown off at Sony’s press conference from Gamescom, fret not! Sony has sent out the full demo in video form for your viewing pleasure.

As the title of the post already manged to spoil for you, the video clocks in at just under seven minutes and sees Nathan and Elena getting into trouble, as they so love to do, by infiltrating an airstrip.

Speaking of spoilers, if you want to go into Uncharted 3 with fresh eyes, you may want to avoid this one. It’s not going to spoil a major plot point for you, but it’s still a fairly large chunk of the game to take in.

If you just can’t wait until Uncharted 3 releases on November 1, go ahead and check out the Uncharted 3 gameplay demo from Gamescom below, courtesy of Ve3tro.

via VG247