‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Spoilers: Inside The Overnight Dates For Episode 9

The Bachelorette 2014, episode 9 airs Monday night and spoilers from ABC’s official press release give viewers an inside look at what’s to come with the overnight dates as Andi Dorfman reaches the Fantasy Suites level of the show. What side will she see of the three finalists? The three men are Nick, Chris, and Josh. The overnights take place in the Dominican Republic.

According to spoilers for this Bachelorette episode by ABC, Nick and Andi go swimming in the blue waters of the island. A question of something more going on with Nick than he lets on is presented. They have a romantic seaside dinner and afterwards Nick expresses a creative way of summing up their relationship. He shares with Andi how he feels about her. It may not necessarily mean he’s invited to the Fantasy Suite, the press release reveals.

In the spoilers surrounding Josh and Andi, the two will tour Santo Domingo and visit locals. They play baseball with the children and Andi gets an idea as to what her future will be like with him. Josh lets Andi in on his deepest thoughts and it makes her wonder if he’s too good to be true. Josh emphasizes his love for the former district attorney and it’s possible she might self-sabotage herself by not offering him a Fantasy Suite card. Will she ignore her second-guessing nature and go with her heart on this one?

For the last overnight date of the 2014 season, Andi and Chris go horseback riding in the country. They have “playful and flirtatious” moments, but she must take a good, hard look at her relationship with him to see if it measures up to the ones she has with Nick and Josh. The two later meet up for a “sensual oceanfront dinner and Chris bares his soul to Andi.”

Reality Steve is firm in his 2014 spoilers that Andi Dorfman picks Josh at the end of the show. The overnight dates will be a window into how she eventually chooses him as the man she wants to be with.

The Fantasy Suites are the one part of the show that is completely off limits to cameras. It’s a totally private time between the bachelorette and one of the finalists after each date. It’s been reported numerous times that just because it’s referred to as “fantasy suite,” doesn’t always mean it leads to sex.

The Bachelorette 2014 overnight dates air Monday, July 14 on ABC at 8 pm, ET/PT.

[Image via ABC Media Net]