The Inquisitr’s Top Odd + Funny Posts for 2008

As our first year comes to a close, we’ve loved sharing odd and funny stories with you this year. Here’s a look back at our 10 most popular odd and funny stories for 2008.

10: College Junior Enters NBA Draft. The Catch: He Has No Basketball Playing Experience

Zach Feinstein is the dark horse in this years NBA Draft, the dark horse because he’s managed to register himself despite having no serious basketball playing experience.

9: Darwin Awards 2008

To this day we’ve never been able to confirm the accuracy of this list (and a number of commenters called false) but it makes for good reading.

8: Lois K Feldman: Sex in a toilet at a football game ruined my life

Remember kids: don’t have sex in a toilet at a football game, particularly when your partner is at the game but not the one you are having sex with in the cubicle. That’s a life lesson right there.

7: SNL Jizz in my Pants

What more could one ask for but music and video about a getting horny…and having an accident.

6: Puppy Om Nom Nom Nom

Our only picture post in the Top 10, and it was worthy of the honor.

5: McDonalds sued over nude photograph sharing: Tina Sherman not lovin it

If you think you might lose your phone, best not to have naked pictures on it, or to leave it at a McDonalds.

4: Excuse me – there’s a freeway in my building

In Japan, buildings don’t get in the way of progress.

3: Visanthe Shiancoe’s Vikings Locker Room Exposure

Currently on Fox: full frontal football players.

2: Has Bigfoot been found?

This story gripped America, and even straight laced Web 2.0/ tech blogs sent people to cover the press conference. Not surprisingly, it was a fake.

1: Meet Elizabeth Frisinger: She lost her virginity and accidentally texted her dad

Suggested by one site to be a crafty fake, it was a great tale none the less.