WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Confirmed For WWE RAW Tonight, What Will His Role Be?

Sting has been known as The Icon for years because, simply put, he is one of the greatest of all time. The WWE has never had the opportunity to bring him to their fans despite several attempts. Sting has potentially been the only major wrestling name to never wrestle for Vince McMahon or his father. That is saying something. Fans have wanted to see Sting come in and WWE seems to have finally been able to do just that.

Sting posted a very ominous tweet on Twitter last week saying simply, 7-14-14. We knew that Sting was in discussions with WWE for a contract, and we also know that he is confirmed for the WWE 2K15 video game. Sting has already done all of the work needed for the game, and WWE usually tends to announce who is in the game and some of the material within it around this time of year. Due to the fact that WWE is not doing their SummerSlam Access event, it would make sense for them to announce the video game material at any point this or next month due to Pre-Orders, so RAW would be a good place for that.

It was assumed Sting would appear on RAW tonight dating back to last week when he sent out the tweet, but that could not be confirmed as WWE always likes to change plans. With this being their go home show for Battleground this Sunday, WWE would like to bring up ratings. So, it seems like they would want to debut Sting tonight to do that. The Wrestling Observer tells us that we will not be disappointed. Sting WILL appear on RAW tonight according to the newsletter. However, it may not be in the way we think.

A vignette for his debut or for the video game featuring him will be on the show. The Observer also claims that Sting may appear via satellite to do a promo of sorts. That is huge for fans. The Observer claims that it cannot be confirmed that Sting signed a WWE Contract. However, if all of this trouble has been done for him, it can only be assumed that he is, in fact, under a contract with the company.

WWE needs Sting for several good reasons. The Fall is coming up, and the WWE tends to go down in ratings due to football. As a result, it would benefit them to bring in Sting to add ratings. It would also be a perfect time to use him as WWE is in need of stars with Daniel Bryan going down and CM Punk being out since the beginning of the year.

Sting could always help to build stars as a RAW GM, which is an open slot that WWE could use him for. There is no face Authority member or GM currently, so it would make sense to bring someone in for that. Sting could fit that role well, and it would allow him to not hurt himself in the ring each week.

While his role with the company has not been confirmed, we can confirm some sort of an appearance tonight on RAW. That alone is great to see. The WWE has been attempting to do this for nearly 15 years now, and finally they have managed to accomplish that goal. WWE fans will most likely go nuts when they see him, and that will be great for a legend like Sting.

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