Noah’s Ark Replica Being Built to Validate Bible’s Authority

The ark, which Biblical experts tell us was 500 feet long and 80 feet high, will be the centerpiece of a $155 million religious theme park spearheaded by Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry devoted to the literal telling of the old testament

Project manager Mike Zovath says the park (as well as the ark), appropriately named “the Ark Encounter,” is being built in order to solidify the authority of the Bible.

“The message here is, God’s word is true,” explained Zovath. “There’s a lot of doubt: ‘Could Noah have built a boat this big, could he have put all the animals on the boat?’ Those are questions people all over the country ask.”

Answers in Genesis is also the ministry behind the Creation Museum, a controversial public attraction, which opened in 2007 and presents Bible stories as fact in an attempt to rebut the theory of evolution, with exhibits like Adam and Eve standing alongside dinosaurs.

Instead of attempting to discredit evolution and promote creationism, the new theme park aims to allow visitors to experience the ark and the time in which it was constructed.

“The ark is really a different approach than the museum,” Zovath told The Associated Press. “It’s really not about creation-evolution, it’s about the authority of the Bible starting with the ark account in Genesis. When you get to walk through the boat and see how big this thing really was… our hope is people start seeing that this is plausible, that the account could be believed.”

In addition to the massive ark, which will reportedly feature authentic details like straight-sawed lumber, wooden pegs and both live and animatronic animals, the park will house a replica of the Tower of Babel and an old world-style village as can be found in the Old Testament.

According to Answers in Genesis, the park should open in April 2014 and will be a great source of revenue for the state of Kentucky, creating 900 jobs and bringing $119 million into the state over the course of 10 years.

The Ark Encounter park is estimated to attract 1.2 million visitors in the first year alone.

via Christian Post