11-Year-Old Mayor Names Street After Justin Bieber

So, we’ve got an 11-year-old mayor, what could possibly go wrong?

Bedtimes are now illegal, an official decree was handed down declaring that So Random without Demi Lovato now sucks and a street was named for pop icon Justin Bieber. Well, the last part actually came true. Carolyn Gonzalez wasn’t actually elected to the post in Forney, Texas, though we would hazard a guess if she promised to crack down on immigration and keep gun statutes permissive it’s not an entirely impossible scenario. But the tween entered a local Facebook competition in order to stimulate interest in civics among Forney’s youth, and won the title of Mayor For a Day.

So what did the 11-year-old mayor do with her title? Enact a recycling program, visit a school and give a speech, or spruce up local parks? No, she renamed a street “Justin Bieber Way,” at a cost to the town of approximately $20. It wasn’t even any old side street bestowed with the moniker- part of the town’s Main Street has been renamed in honor of the Biebs.

Gonzalez doesn’t even affect any sort of ideological excuse for the renaming to serve her interests (which actually places her ahead of 99.8% of those involved in politics) but rather gives this explanation when asked why she decided to use her time in office in such a fashion:

“Because I really like Justin Bieber. I like his music and I like him… And I thought, why not have a street in my home town named after my favorite singer?”

Alas, Gonzalez’s grandkids won’t be driving their jetpacks down Justin Bieber Way. The street name will be in effect only as long as she is in office- for about 24 hours.