Are U.S. Military Bases And Embassies American Soil? [VIDEO]

We here at The Inquisitr know that a lot of times, politics or anything associated with politics, can be quite confusing. This includes topics such as diplomacy, governments, laws, and even war. Unless one follows such topics on a daily basis (kind of like I do because I like to know what’s going on), some things politically might not make any sense at all. That is why we like to report on Youtube videos that do an excellent job explaining such topics in a fun-filled way but making sure to stay honest though it may be generalized. This includes videos like what gives the U.S. dollar its value or the situation with Iraq, Syria, and ISIS explained in less than five minutes.

Now a new question, based on politics, was asked on Youtube recently in the form of a title of a video: Are U.S. military bases and embassies American soil? Seems like a legit question that most people would know the answer, or at least they think they know the answer right? Most people would say “YES”… but how sure are they?

Uploaded on the Youtube channel for C.G.P. Grey on July 8, 2014, the video already has over 600,000 views and is fluctuating its position in the top 100 videos of Youtube. In the video we learn that contrary to popular opinion and belief, U.S. military bases and embassies are not American soil. What they are is known as extraterritoriality, which means that within the confines of the bases and embassies’ fence, a country’s laws do not apply, but the land is still technically property of the country. Consider it renting on special conditions. That’s what these places are.

The thing is, this is nothing unique and all embassies and bases of other countries apply under this too. What the United States does have with extraterritoriality is our experience with it thus making it quite notable. Why? Well we kind of have like a lot of military bases around the world as proven by the Empire IS website. It should also be noted that map only lists military bases. Who knows how many embassies we have.

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