Teens Allegedly Attack And Rob Ice Cream Man In North Carolina [Video]

An ice cream vendor was attacked and reportedly robbed in Charlotte, N.C. by three teenagers.

The disturbing incident was captured on cell phone video embedded below [NSFW due to language), with onlookers acting like the whole thing is a big joke, as is often the case in these violent street confrontations.

The cell phone camera video originally was uploaded to Facebook, after which at least one social media user apparently brought it to the attention of local media and police.

The victim works full-time at a restaurant but sells ice cream from a cart to make some extra cash. Fortunately the ice cream man wasn’t seriously injured in the beating, which occurred on the morning of July 4.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the “video clip shows a teenage girl trying to open [the ice cream man’s] cart. When he shuts the lid, the girl advances toward him, cursing and throwing punches. Two boys join in and also strike [him], while a fourth person records video and eggs the attackers on. The assailants got away with [his] wallet, $50 in cash, and some ice cream.”

The vendor told police that he didn’t do anything to provoke the attack.

Soon after learning of the video, Charlotte police arrested a 16-year-old male and charged him with common law robbery in the ice cream vendor assault. A 13-year old girl was also taken into custody. Cops are evidently still looking for a third suspect.

“These attackers had a sweet tooth and a bitter attitude,” opined the New York Daily News.

The Facebook user who alerted the media to the attack video said of the ice cream man, “It seems like he’s not trying to fight back initially, like he just wants to be left alone, and that’s the thing — you can’t even be left alone… It’s just not right because the man didn’t do anything.”

[image via Shutterstock]