Poll Shows That 42 Percent Of Millennials Prefer Socialism... Or Do They?

Jan Omega

When it comes to one group of people in the United States that seem to want everything but don't know how anything works except things that really don't matter, it is easily the Millennials. Though not a bad group in general, the extreme division between those who want to those who earn can be seen simply by how they react to certain situations. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous articles explaining very important things to Millenials - such as investing in a Roth IRA because social security will be shot - as well as the fact that our crushing debt will probably destroy our nation, though they have a positive outlook nevertheless. Maybe its because Millenials have forgotten the basics of tradition which have been tried and true for years. I mean I understand improving or improvising a traditional strategy but throwing tradition out the door completely? Seriously?

However, it seems the Millennials are very confused on what it is they really want in this country because a recent poll by Reason shows that 42 percent, which is roughly a little over one out of three people, of Millenials prefer socialism.

To be fair, the first thing Millenials want was government intervention in key areas. They also wanted higher minimum wages, a form of public health care, and more taxes on the wealthy. However, more than 73 percent wanted to privatize social security, 64 percent want to reduce spending because it would supposedly help the economy, and 59 percent say reducing taxes will help the economy. Oh and I forgot to say that 57 percent want a smaller government providing fewer services and lower taxes.

What is going on? How can we Millenials (yes I sometimes can be considered one since I am one year older than the range) want one thing and also want the other? Now I know why baby boomers link the "We want a full day's pay, but are not willing to work a pay's full day" quote to us! Supposedly, it comes down to details. For example, if we were asked to choose either a small government with fewer services or a bigger government with more services, the majority favored the bigger government. Now add in "low taxes" for the smaller government and "more taxes" for the bigger government, it would switch. In conclusion, it comes down to taxes. Even the poll recognized this:

"At first, Caucasian Millennials are nearly 20 points more likely than non-white Millennials to favor small government. But once taxes are mentioned the race/ethnicity gap disappears among Caucasian, Latino, and Asian Millennials and 6 in 10 prefer small government."

The Daily Sheeple does have one thing positive to report in their article and that is the Millenials are far more politically independent than previous generations. That is good because it is very bad to just choose a party because your parents liked them or they have the things you liked too. If this trend continues, maybe the Millenials, or at least the generations after them, will be able to weed out the policies that poison our economy from both parties in benefit for the United States economy.

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