Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated server support on PC

When Infinity Ward announced back in 2009 that Modern Warfare 2 would be shipping on the PC sans dedicated server support, PC gamers weren’t particularly thrilled about it. Okay, that was an understatement – there was an uproar.

Fortunately, there shouldn’t be any need for an uproar when Modern Warfare 3 ships this November. Noah Heller of Beachhead Studios, the team working on Call of Duty Elite, confirmed to Eurogamer that Modern Warfare 3 will, in fact, have dedicated server support.

“The big announcement today is that we’re supporting dedicated servers for PC, which is really cool,” Heller said.

In addition to that lovely bit of news, Heller also revealed that, unsurprisingly, a “customized” PC version of the Call of Duty Elite service is also in the works. Not only that, the studio is also apparently working on a console app, which I would assume is akin to Halo Waypoint.

“We’re also doing a console app,” he said. “So right there on PS3 and 360 you can jump out of the game into the app and communicate with your clan or do whatever you need to do before running back into the game.”

“And of course we’re working really hard right now on the customised version of Elite for the PC [versions of Call of Duty games], because it’s an open platform and has some challenges.”

So, there you have it. Crisis averted!

Source: Eurogamer