Jenny McCarthy On Rosie O'Donnell: 'The View' Will Heat Up

Jenny McCarthy certainly isn't boycotting The View after getting dropped from the hosting lineup. Apparently she's still a regular viewer, and has caught wind that Rosie O'Donnell is coming back. Jenny has gone on record as saying that Rosie will definitely bring some heat to the cast, and considering what Rosie has done before, there is no doubt.

The world might not take McCarthy's opinion too seriously though, considering her alleged views on vaccines and her response to those claiming she was against it. With her start as a Playboy model and a cameo in Scary Movie 2 literally making fun of herself, it's hard to take the ex-host from The View seriously.

Rosie O'Donnell isn't exactly unscathed in her history with talk shows either. Her first gig as co-host of The View ended shortly after a racist interpretation of the Chinese audience. Some YouTubers of Chinese heritage have posted videos responding to it, one of the most responsible of which was a respectful open letter forgiving her as long as she doesn't say those things again.

This is clearly what McCarthy could be referring to when she said O'Donnell will bring the heat to the show. It could also mean that China might boycott the talk show if they haven't already.

When asked about her opinion on Rosie rejoining the show, Jenny McCarthy told reporters at The Palazzo Las Vegas:

"I love Rosie. I have been a fan of hers forever. I knew they were looking to bring some heat to the table and there is no doubt that will Rosie there will be some heat. They are definitely going in the direction of fire.

"It's going to be some exciting television. I will be there with my beer and popcorn at eleven in the morning. I can't wait to see how it plays out."

There will undoubtedly be some less famous viewers doing the same, though they'll probably be playing a kind of "Rosie's poorly worded opinions drinking game."

News contributor Elizabeth Hasselbeck has a decidedly more pessimistic opinion after the infamous Rosie rant in 2007. Her opinion of the actress isn't completely negative though, as she clarified on Instagram:

"I don't hate Rosie. I actually called to talk to her 7 years ago. She did not want to speak to me. I am happy to have a #momversation about why I would never defend her 2007 comments."

Jenny McCarthy is apparently excited about Rosie's return, "Monday there will be a big announcement. Everyone should do something they love doing but that shows off their strengths and have fun while doing it."

Do you agree with McCarthy and hope for a better second chance for Rosie O'Donnell on The View, or should they have just left her behind and not risked it?

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