Ann Curry’s Homeless Brownstone Squatter Kicked Out by Police

The Today co-host, who took over Meredith Vieira’s spot on the NBC show earlier this June, bought the four-story, 3700 square-foot property with her husband Brian Ross in 2003 and over the past eight years embarked on extensive renovations.

However, neighbors sued the couple over the ongoing noise and building stopped five years ago due to Buildings Department violations, one of which included the addition of an unauthorized 18-foot-high penthouse.

At 9am on Saturday, police sent eight policemen to remove the unnamed drifter who has apparently been living in Curry’s home “for about a year.”

Following his removal, the NY Post found the homeless squatter at a nearby McDonald’s, where he revealed that he had no clue who owned the home.

Ann Curry means crap to me! The reason I lived there was because they chased me out of Central Park,” the hobo explained, quickly adding, “I’ll go back if someone says, ‘Here’s the key. Maintain the building.'”

Because police found the man sleeping in the vestibule – and not completely inside the building – he was taken to a homeless shelter instead of jail. He’s the second vagrant to be kicked out of the property in a year.

Curry, who, according to an NBC spokeswoman, “is currently traveling to Africa to cover the humanitarian crisis” could not be reached for comment.

via NY Post