Illegal Immigrants’ Diseases And No Agents On The Mexican Border Result In Gag Order, Claims Border Patrol

Illegal immigrants’ diseases and the lack of any major manpower on the Mexican border has resulted in a gag order, according to some border patrol agents who have defied their superiors by speaking out.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a Mexican train derailed, the accident also made the news because of the thousands of illegal immigrants who were riding on top of the train. There’s also fears that illegal aliens are carrying scabies and other diseases into the towns like Murietta, California. When protests in that particular town managed to turn away the buses full of migrant children, the DHS responded by closing roads and blocking visits to holding areas.

In response to the flood of people, this past week one Texan town banned undocumented children, and Texas militias have mobilized in order to secure the border. The so-called Minuteman Project is urging thousands of volunteers to go to the Mexican border in order to stop what they are calling an invasion of migrants. There’s even a petition that demands President Obama house the tens of thousands of migrant children in Washington D.C. and in the White House instead of having them flown and driven to locations all over the United States.

Now, Ron Zermeno is a Border Patrol (BP) union official who has confirmed that illegal immigrants’ diseases include active scabies and head lice. In fact, he claims that out of the very first migrants to enter, 40 people sent to the BP Chula Vista Station had to be quarantined. The situation was so bad that even BP agents began to contract scabies.

Worse, Zermeno claims the federal government is pulling agents from the Mexican border in order to help with processing the thousands who have already successfully crossed over into the United States:

“As long as they send the bodies up there (Murrieta) to be processed, there will be no agents patrolling, and that’s what the agency doesn’t want me to say.”

Despite the alleged gag order, a BP spokesman named Gabe Pacheco also confirmed this was occurring:

“Agents are tired, I know agents are being pulled from different areas to help processing.”

Unfortunately, these statements only confirm the allegations of border patrol agent Hector Garza, who previously claimed the Obama administration was orchestrating the entire crisis. Garza also had claimed at the time that borders agents were being pulled off the Mexican border:

“At this point, about 70 percent of our border patrol agents in this area are being reassigned for processing duties. That means we’re leaving approximately 30 percent of our border patrol agents to actually do field work, to actually patrol the border and what that creates is a very porous border where dangerous criminals and dangerous drugs are entering our country undetected and making their way to our communities.”

What do you think should be done about the illegal immigration crisis unfolding in America?