Traumatized Family In St. Paul Wonders Why Home Was Searched In Violent SWAT Raid, Both Pets Murdered In Cold Blood

Do military weapons belong in the hands of law enforcement?

The SWAT team, or Special Weapons and Tactics, were made to engage certain situations which would require specific training over basic police and detective work. Certain situations such as the issue at a Santa Barbara neighborhood required the special team.

Unfortunately, the SWAT are just doing their job, but there are some who can cause more problems than good. This includes a time when a flashbang grenade actually burned a toddler during a raid. Such news has resulted in SWAT raids being a violation of the 4th Amendment. The last thing the SWAT unit needs is more news portraying them in a negative tone, right?

Sadly, this is not the case, as a traumatized family in St. Paul wonder why a SWAT team raided their house. Another unfortunate incident is that the family’s two pet dogs were murdered in cold blood.

According to an article by Twin Cities, Camille Perry was getting ready for work on Wednesday morning when the front door suddenly imploded. Before the police SWAT team started to infiltrate their house, she saw a SWAT team member shooting the family dogs. After regaining notice of the current situation, she turned around and ran to her two children, who were sleeping nearby, and covered them for protection. She then made a statement about what she was doing at that moment while the SWAT invaded her home:

“The whole time all I could scream was, ‘Stop shooting, stop shooting!'”

The plea was too late as both family pet dogs, two pit bulls, were murdered in cold blood. The police of course had a statement justifying their actions: the officer believed they were acting in an aggressive matter and thought he’d be bit or the dogs would bite one of the team members. Perry and her fiance, Larry L. Arman, state the dogs were sleeping by the front door and did nothing more than bark when police used a ram to break down the door of their home in execution of a search warrant.


People may wonder if the search was justified. According to Police State USA, a search warrant, which wasn’t made publicly available in court as of Thursday, probably indicated that police were looking for marijuana, drug packaging, weighing equipment, guns, computers, and more. Arman did admit he smoke recreationally but does not sell, which is why the SWAT seized a water pipe, grinder, and some clothes.

Both Perry and Arman believe the SWAT raid was because of Arman’s past association with his current business, a towing company. On the side, however, Arman takes in beat-up old cars, fixes them, and sells them back. They believe that Arman was probably associated in some sort of drug ring, possibly the selling and distribution of marijuana. Arman says that investigating him is fine, but to do it thoroughly following statement:

“I just believe they didn’t investigate enough. “If you want to investigate, investigate. Take pictures, get recordings, catch us doing something. You can’t assume just because we have assets that we’ve got them from selling drugs. We’re business owners, and we work hard.”

Because of all the damage the SWAT team did to the house, including tearing out insulation from a wall and pulling out vents, the couple has an attorney and plan to sue the police.

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