Blake Shelton: New Coaches On ‘The Voice’ Will ‘Nice Each Other To Death’

Blake Shelton is seemingly not used to nice antics on The Voice. Used to the ongoing rivalry between coaches, specifically between himself and Adam Levine, Blake seems a little bit disappointed in Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams’ friendly competition.

While Blake and Adam love to grind each other, typically during the blind auditions, Gwen and Pharrell have taken the high road and avoided name calling and scuffles with their fellow competitors.

Shelton and Levine are no strangers to slinging mud at one another on The Voice. Blake Shelton famously tweeted Levine’s cell phone number to the masses, and Levine promptly had Shelton’s truck filled with manure in response. These amusing antics make great entertainment and a bit of hassle for one another, but Stefani and Williams are happy to sit back and watch with the rest of the audience.

The Voice Coaches

During the blind auditions, the two new coaches often turned around for the same singers, according to Today. However, instead of bickering and trying to undermine each other in front of the audience and performers, Gwen and Pharrell nicely left each other alone.

As the two complimented each other and even held hands, Adam Levine joked, “It’s like watching a candy cane swordfight.”

Blake Shelton said that the two new coaches only fight with “rainbows and happiness.”

Williams told the other judges that he refuses to “sling mud”, but that has not stopped Blake Shelton or Adam Levine. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton resorted to making fun of Williams’ iconic hat, while his original sidekick coach teased Blake and compared him to a horse’s behind.

Although Blake Shelton and Adam Levine love to tease the newcomers on the show, the original coaches still try their best to make the new coaches feel welcome. In fact, Blake Shelton tried to teach Gwen Stefani how to perfect the “leg up” position in the her big red chair. She may not have mastered the move just yet, but it is unlikely that Blake will give up trying to get the new coaches to feel more comfortable in their new roles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pharrell Williams stands firm in his decision to do things differently than they have been done before on The Voice.

Williams stated, “You’ll see what Gwen and I do. We’re gonna take a slightly different approach. All we’re gonna do is hold up the mirror and show people how rad they are already.”

Blake Shelton joked about the new judges approaches during the blind auditions with, “They’re going to nice each other to death!”

[Image via Trae Patton/NBC]