First Legal Marijuana Store In Seattle Forced To Close … Because They Ran Out Of Pot

The first legal marijuana store in Seattle was forced to close down on Friday, just two days after opening.

The reason — they ran out of pot.

Sale of recreational marijuana became legal in Washington this week, just the second state in the U.S. to allow pot sales to adults. The first store in Seattle to begin offering the newly legal pot, Cannabis City, was shut down by the this week because the entire supply of 4.5 kilograms had gone up in smoke.

So far the state of Washington has issued just 25 licenses to sell marijuana, and the sales remain highly regulated and taxed.

Other outlets say their supplies of legal marijuana are running out, as pot suppliers aren’t able to meet the demand yet.

“A year from now, product is likely going to be far more available,” said Sean Green, chief executive officer of Kouchlock Productions, a marijuana producer in Washington.

Wow Weed, a local supplier, said they are desperately trying to keep up with the demand for legal marijuana.

“We have been hearing from retailers off the hook. My voice mail is full every single day,” said Wow’s Susy Wilson. “It’s the same people calling over and over, hoping I’ll pull something out of thin air.”

Seattle residents have been trying to help matters, and one Twitter user suggested a green “Pot Light” system that stores can use to show when they have marijuana to sell.

The early rush of legal pot buyers is a good sign for the state of Washington. State officials have been working with experts from Botec Analysis Corporation to figure out estimated tax revenues, which could be quite high. USA Today reported that Colorado has already collected more than $24 million in marijuana taxes and fees. Washington expects close to $200 million within the next four years.

Pot smokers in Seattle might have to wait a bit longer to buy their legal marijuana from Cannabis City, however. A message at the store said it would closed until July 21.