Ron Lee Haskell Collapses: Texas Massacre Suspect Appears In Court

Texas massacre suspect Ron Lee Haskell collapsed twice during a court appearance on Friday. Haskell is accused of killing his ex-wife’s sister and five of her family members, with only one of the family members surviving the vicious attack. The suspect’s collapse came during the probable cause hearing.

According to Chron, Ron Lee Haskell collapsed as the prosecutor read details regarding the deadly shooting incident. Haskell, 33, is accused of killing five members of the Stay family, including four of the five children in the family. Deputies reportedly pulled the suspect back to his feet, but a minute later he collapsed again. He was then set into a chair and wheeled out of the courtroom.

Haskell’s attorney, Doug Durham, says that his client is scared. As he described the collapse, Durham added, “I think he has a limited mental capacity of what’s going on.” Prior to falling, the suspect had quietly answered “Yes” to a some questions posed by the judge regarding his rights. Haskell is being held without bond.

The Stay family, including parents Stephen and Katie along with their children, were allegedly targeted by Haskell because he wanted to know where his ex-wife was. The only survivor was the couple’s 15-year-old daughter Cassidy. She is being hailed as a hero after being shot, playing dead and then calling 911 to alert authorities to the tragedy.

The most recent reports on Cassidy’s condition indicate that physically she should fully recover. A GoFundMe page has been started to help raise funds to help Cassidy Stay, and the response has been quite impressive so far. The page has raised nearly $150,000 in merely one day, and the organizers hope to keep the page up for the next few weeks. Those interested in following the case and helping Cassidy can follow along on the Stephen and Katie Stay Family Memorial Facebook page.

Durham was appointed by the court, and he will be focusing on Ron Lee Haskell’s mental condition. He says, “I think the evidence is going to show… he is a troubled individual and he has a history of mental illness.” Numerous reports have already come out indicating a violent history in regards to Haskell and his relationship with his ex-wife and other family members.

Prosecutors expect a grand jury capital murder indictment soon, and Haskell may face the death penalty. A decision regarding pursuing that will be made by District Attorney Devon Anderson at a later date. As Ron Lee Haskell’s collapse in court is dealt with many are turning their focus to the Stay family, particularly young Cassidy, lending their support in the nearly impossible task the family faces in tackling the days ahead.

[Image via Yahoo! News]