The Hamas Tried To Cause A 'Nuclear Disaster' In The Heart Of Israel

Jan Omega

If one were to analyze the rocket strikes exchanged between Israel and the Hamas in Gaza, it would seem that Israel is tactically striking places in Gaza known as terror targets. Their tactics are so structured and planned that they were able to take out 80 terror targets in less than 30 minutes. This may be because the best defense is sometimes offense, especially if the "Iron Dome" is barely taking out all the missiles being shot at them.

However, it may seem that the Hamas actually show some tactical (with reckless abandon) planning on where they shoot their missiles. Reports have come in that they tried to hit Dimona with three missiles. What is scary about the expected target is what is there: a nuclear reactor.

According to the initial report by The Jerusalem Post, three rockets were launched at Dimona in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, two just struck open land but the third was right on target. If it weren't for Israel's "Iron Dome," who could imagine the atrocity that would occur. Either it is considered tactical or stupidity, firing missiles at a nuclear installation is a very bad decision. If you want more proof of that, just research the Fukushima nuclear disaster to understand just how bad of a decision this was on behalf of the Hamas.

It should also be reported that no part of the nuclear reactor was damaged by the intercepted third missile from possible shrapnel or debris, which makes that very good news. As for the attack, the Hamas is claiming full responsibility for the rockets as they stated they were attempting to hit the nuclear reactor. Specifically, Hamas's Qassam Brigades launched long-range M-75 rockets in hopes of achieving the nuclear disaster.

Despite the fact that Israel is doing their best to defend themselves, it seems the media is writing them off as the aggressors. Maybe its because Israel has the third strongest military in the world. The Daily Sheeple had this to say in defense of Israel:

"There has been a lot of criticism of Israel in the mainstream media in recent days, but much of it is quite hypocritical. Just imagine what would happen in the U.S. if another country fired just one missile at New York City or at one of our nuclear reactors. If that happened, "glass parking lot" would suddenly be on the lips of tens of millions of Americans all over the country, and the U.S. military would rapidly be preparing for an absolutely devastating response."

There is a lot of truth in that statement. Back in 2011, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers did galvanized Americans for a purpose and that wasn't with a missile. Israel has been bombarded with dozens of rockets, even during times of a shaky peace with Arab nations. Since Monday, more than 225 rockets have been shot at Israel when Operation Protective Edge began, with most of them aimed at areas with a high population of people.

In conclusion, the situation in the Middle East is a huge powder keg with the fuse let. How long the fuse is might be the question worth asking but with more reckless attacks like the one done on Dimona, it probably won't be long until this whole situation explodes... quite possibly into World War 3.