LeBronJames.com Announcement: LeBron’s Website May Have Clue Of Cleveland Cavaliers Return

LeBronJames.com Announcement: LeBron's Website May Have Clue Of Cleveland Cavaliers Return

LeBronJames.com may have beaten LeBron James to the punch in announcing his decision.

The NBA free agent has yet to announce whether he intends to return to the Miami Heat or if he will make a homecoming with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but one web developer says he has found a juicy clue that points toward Cleveland.

A web developer named Andrew Sharp claimed he had evidence of unpublished pages on the site that were in the color scheme of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The report seemed credible enough. Earlier in the day, sports writer Chris Sheridan (who correctly predicted in 2010 that LeBron was picking the Miami Heat), had written that LeBron James was picking Cleveland and would be using LeBronJames.com to make the announcement.

But SBNation cast doubt on the report that LeBron is using LeBronJames.com to announce his decision. While writer Mark Prada did note that it would be in LeBron’s style to use a big platform to announce his decision, he said the logistics would make it too difficult.

He wrote:

At the same time, this seems too good to be true. For one thing, web developers aren’t generally the first people to know about an athlete’s free-agent decision. Thus, if the goal is to have something ready to go right away, web developers often do what journalists do with game stories or even big news stories like this: they plan out the different scenarios in advance, then delete them if they do not come true. (It is worth noting, of course, that the initial report didn’t mention finding any pages with Miami Heat colors in there).

Whether LeBron James announces his decision on LeBronJames.com or not, fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are hopeful of a positive outcome. On Thursday fans began lining the street near his Ohio home, despite the fact that LeBron is still in Las Vegas and will soon be en route to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup final.