Scabies Outbreak Halts Flights Of Illegal Immigrants To San Diego

Tara Dodrill

A scabies outbreak has halted illegal immigrant transfer to San Diego County. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a notice that all flights carrying the children, teens, and adults who crossed the Texas border illegally would were on hold because of the health risk. Immigration officials also noted that the illegal aliens already processed and released into the community could be a "health danger to their communities."

Last week a total of 420 illegal immigrants were transported on three separate flights to the San Diego area. Those being relocated on the flights from the Texas border to California were reportedly "mostly" woman and children. The fourth flight, which was scheduled to arrive today and carry 140 more illegal migrants, was cancelled until further notice.

Senior Border Patrol staffers confirmed that more than 100 of the illegal migrants have been diagnosed with scabies. At least five border patrol agents have also contracted scabies due to their close contact with the illegal aliens inside the federal holding facilities. In addition to the skin disease, many cases of fever and the coughing up of blood in multiple children were also reportedly discovered. Tuberculosis and swine flu is suspected to be the cause of the fever and blood vomiting symptoms.

San Diego Border Patrol agent and union representative Gabe Pacheco said his fellow officers will now rely upon technology links and video equipment to finish processing the illegal immigrants in Texas due to the flight cancellations, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition member Jeff Schwilk had this to say about the scabies outbreak and other health risk concerns:

"They are just re-infesting them over and over. They treat them and immediately put them in the decontaminated cells, which is terrible. Also, bottles aren't being sanitized, blankets are being shared, it's bad. The people from the first two planes are long gone, They don't care at all. They are just releasing them. No relief in sight. Rumor is they will be increasing the number of flights into San Diego. The sick aliens need to be quarantined in Texas and not shipped to California to infect our communities with dangerous diseases."

U.S. Customs and Border Protection representative did not say if protests about the flights of illegal immigrants held around San Diego was a factor in the decision to halt the transfers for the time being.

Scabies is a painful skin irritation which is primarily caused by bacteria, dirt, and allergic reactions. The rash tends to grow in areas of the body where there are creases, such as around the fingers, toes, inner thighs, breasts, hands, feet, and genitals.