Woman Accused Of Hiding Crack Cocaine In Her Vagina

A Florida woman needed a secure hiding place for her stash of crack cocaine, so she carefully wrapped in aluminum foil and inserted it into her vagina.

On June 24, Jennifer Renee Crosby, 42, was travelling in Indian River County in a car with a companion, Robert William King, when they were pulled over by the police for a minor traffic violation; the windows of their green Chrysler were tinted, contrary to the regulations.

The officers asked King, 47, for his license, registration and proof of insurance. King allegedly responded, “I don’t have a license! I’m habitual!” according to TCPalm.com.

The officers saw that Crosby was shaking and appeared very nervous, Whether by experience, intuition, or luck, they asked her if she was carrying drugs.

Initially she denied that she had any drugs, but when the police called for a female officer she cracked (sorry!) and admitted that she was indeed carrying drugs on her person. She was alleged to have said, “I have drugs up my vagina,” according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The officers handed Crosby a latex glove in order to assist her in removing the crack cocaine, But she found that taking the foil wrapped package out was more difficult than putting it in. During her efforts to retrieve the cocaine she told police, “Ouch! The foil is hurting the inside of my vagina,” UPI.com reports.

A field test was carried out, and the substance was confirmed to be cocaine. Additionally, she was holding $3.743 in cash; both items were recorded as evidence and Crosby was arrested.

A field test of the substance confirmed that it was crack cocaine. The narcotic and $3,743 in cash were booked as evidence. Crosby was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, and King was arrested on a habitual traffic offender charge.

Although the hiding place Crosby chose was unusual, and apparently a little painful, it was by no means unique. The genital area is actually a very popular place for drug concealment.

This is a selection of previous cases:

  • Christie Harris from Oklahoma was sentenced to 25 years after smuggling not only crystal meth in her butt, but also a gun in her vagina.
  • Alexis Clancy from Florida was allegedly caught with a hypodermic needle stowed away in her anus.
  • Rasoul Speight from New Jersey is facing a narcotics charge after cops discovered a whopping 100 bags of heroin hidden in his anus.
  • Ashley Bellamy from Philadelphia allegedly hid 36 vials of crack cocaine in her vagina but officers noticed that she was walking funny.
  • Ray Woods from Pennsylvania attracted the attention of the police, who then discovered 89 bags of heroin and cocaine tied to his penis.

Presumably, the clients are desperate enough not to care how the merchandise was transported.

And too far gone to complain about the taste.

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